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24 JANUARY 2016, 10 am, Marktkirche Eschwege, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Martin Lehmann)

Music by Bach


6 FEBRUARY 2016, 12 pm, St. Nicolai Lemgo, Germany


Music by Bach


26 FEBRUARY 2016, 5 pm, Unser Lieben Frauen Kirche Bremen, Germany


Music by Bach, Brahms, Bruhns and Eben


17 APRIL 2016, 4.30 pm, St. Johann-Baptist Paderborn, Germany

Organ Concert

Music by Franck, Messiaen, Reger and Wagner


24 APRIL 2016, 11 am, Evangelische Kirche Inselhorst, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Adrian Büttemeier)

Music by Bach


15 MAY 2016, 11 am, Propsteikirche Marsberg, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Cedric Trappmann)

Music by Jommelli


12 JUNE 2016, 7 pm, Lukaskirche Frankfurt, Germany

Organ Concert

Music by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Ritter 


3 JULY 2016, 10 am,  Evangelische Militärkirche Augustdorf, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Fabian Krämer)

Music by Bach


8 OCTOBER 2016, 11.30 am, Propsteikirche Marsberg, Germany


Music by Bach, Brahms, Karg-Elert and Mozart


5 NOVEMBER 2016, 12 pm, Hoher Dom zu Paderborn, Germany

Angelus Matinee

Music by Alain, Bach, Duruflé and Mozart