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24 JANUARY 2016, 10am, Marktkirche Eschwege, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Martin Lehmann)

Music by Bach


6 FEBRUARY 2016, 12pm, St. Nicolai Lemgo, Germany


Music by Bach


26 FEBRUARY 2016, 5pm, Unser Lieben Frauen Kirche Bremen, Germany


Music by Bach, Brahms, Bruhns and Eben


17 APRIL 2016, 4.30pm, St. Johann-Baptist Paderborn, Germany

Organ Concert

Music by Franck, Messiaen, Reger and Wagner


24 APRIL 2016, 11am, Evangelische Kirche Inselhorst, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Adrian Büttemeier)

Music by Bach


15 MAY 2016, 11am, Propsteikirche Marsberg, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Cedric Trappmann)

Music by Jommelli


12 JUNE 2016, 7pm, Lukaskirche Frankfurt, Germany

Organ Concert

Music by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Ritter 


3 JULY 2016, 10am,  Evangelische Militärkirche Augustdorf, Germany

Kantatengottesdienst (Conductor: Fabian Krämer)

Music by Bach


8 OCTOBER 2016, 11.30am, Propsteikirche Marsberg, Germany


Music by Bach, Brahms, Karg-Elert and Mozart


5 NOVEMBER 2016, 12pm, Hoher Dom zu Paderborn, Germany

Angelus Matinee

Music by Alain, Bach, Duruflé and Mozart