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"A great performance (...) with virtuosity and deep expression."

LippeAktuell, 23.07.2016, "Wenn der Zuhörer vor Ehrfurcht erstarrt" (bc)



"A mature performance from many points of view (...) Prelude and fugue in e minor by Bach: coherent and confident. Évocation II by Thierry Escaich: rhythmically crisp and incisive (...) The Chorale Fantasia by Reger therefore: phenomenal."

Bonner Generalanzeiger, 18.03.2016, "Feinsinnige Schwerstarbeit" (Guido Krawinkel)



"(...) colorful registration, clearly articulated."

MT, 22.12.2015, "Tongebung schmeichelt dem Ohr" (Hans-Christoph Schröter)



"(...) highly gifted in piano, violin and organ (...)"

MZ, 24.04.2013, "Organisten auf hohem Niveau" (Gerhard Heldt)






Trio Céleste


"(...) Sparkling technical virtuosity, elegant swing, charm and youthful freshness."

Wolfenbütteler Zeitung, 19.09.2017, "Himmlischer Name und irdischer Genuss" (Stephan Querfurth) 



"(...) the exceptional organist, together with the baroque trumpet skills of Sebastian Berner and Maximilian Sutter were particularly  "state of the art"."

Bonner Generalanzeiger, 14.06.2017, "Eine himmlische Kombination" (Guido Krawinkel)